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Welcome! Rules and Applications!


Hello there! If you've stumbled across this tiny corner of livejournal, then you are without a doubt a fan of the new FOX TV hit drama Sleepy Hollow. I fell hard for this show, and I think it deserves a little bit of love, so I'm creating a land comm to celebrate it. I know life is busy, especially right now with holidays upcoming, so this place is just going to be a quiet, fun, laid-back comm. Like any other land comm, however, there have to be a few ground rules:


1. Play nice. I know land comms can get a bit competitive, but we're all just here to have some fun. Please be respectful -- no bashing of other members.

2. Participate in at least one challenge monthly. The more, the merrier, but I know we've all got lives outside of land comms.

3. Provide appropriate warnings. Sometimes, you've just got to write that NSFW fanfic or post about the episode while it's airing, and that's fine. Just be sure to post warnings for spoilers for mature content. (Please see the spoiler policy HERE)

4. Follow the rules laid out in each challenge entry. The rules are there for a reason, and generally they're meant to help you out more than anything. If you ever have any questions, there will be a question thread or I am always available by PM.


Our teams are Team Witnesses (teamwitnesses) and Team Horsemen (teamhorsemen)

If you are interested in joining my little comm, please comment below using the text box. Remember, the team name does not affect game play, it simply determines who you play with. You will be sorted and invited to the appropriate comm.

Round 3 will soon begin! The teams are nearly equal, and I'd love to even them out if possible.
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