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Welcome! Rules and Applications!


Hello there! If you've stumbled across this tiny corner of livejournal, then you are without a doubt a fan of the new FOX TV hit drama Sleepy Hollow. I fell hard for this show, and I think it deserves a little bit of love, so I'm creating a land comm to celebrate it. I know life is busy, especially right now with holidays upcoming, so this place is just going to be a quiet, fun, laid-back comm. Like any other land comm, however, there have to be a few ground rules:

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Our teams are Team Witnesses (teamwitnesses) and Team Horsemen (teamhorsemen)

If you are interested in joining my little comm, please comment below using the text box. Remember, the team name does not affect game play, it simply determines who you play with. You will be sorted and invited to the appropriate comm.

Round 3 will soon begin! The teams are nearly equal, and I'd love to even them out if possible.
Daredevil - Matt
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!Mod Post :: Spoiler Policy

Morning Sleepy Heads!

Season Two starts tomorrow night! Everyone excited?

Since the new episodes are on the horizon, I thought I'd quickly address the spoiler policy here.

  • In terms of challenge submissions, you may pull from current episodes. If the comments are unscreened, you must avoid major spoilers for the episode until a week after it has aired.

  • You may discuss the episode soon after it airs (or even as it is airing) in your team comms or on the social comm so long as you keep the spoilers below cuts or in the comments only.

  • Previews and sneak peeks for the next week's episode are considered spoilers since some people choose not to watch them. Please be courteous and avoid discussing them out in the open.

  • Episode titles are not considered spoilers.

  • For example: You may discuss episode one on the social comm or in your team comms with spoiler cuts and warnings in the post for spoilers in the comments starting tomorrow night (when it's airing). You may use images and plot points from episode one to submit to a challenge if the comments are screened starting tomorrow night (when it's airing). You may comment to unscreened challenges or make posts without spoiler cuts and warnings about episode one next week (when episode two is airing).

  • If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them!

    Have a great Sunday!
    Daredevil - Matt

    !Mod Post

    Member cuts have happened, so if you can't see this post, you've been cut. If you think this was a mistake or if you'd like to rejoin, feel free to comment here (comments unscreened).

    In other news, Battleship ends in a few days. I've noticed there's one Horseman who never started playing her opponent. If you'd like to start playing, please do, and I'll extend the challenge if you need time to finish. If you never respond to your opponent's opening move, the Witness you're playing will receive the maximum amount of points allowed for the challenge, because it isn't fair to deny points to someone who wanted to play but couldn't.

    In other other news, I recently got a new job, so for a while I'll be working two jobs. I'll do my best to keep up with everything going on here, but things might feel a bit more relaxed than usual for a while. Next round may look quite different as I might change how the challenges work or I might look for a co-mod -- if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them, and if you'd be interested in running a few challenges next round please let me know.